This was as pleasant of an experience as it could possibly be. Thanks to Michele the receptionist and Christi the tech. You are much appreciated.

- Sydna Bougere


Medical care can be intimidating emotionally, physically, and financially. The New FrontierImaging Center in Rock Springs, Wyoming was constructed with patient’s total well being in mind. The vision has been to introduce an environment which provides the highest levelof expertise combined with a remarkably relaxing atmosphere. The NFI Radiology Group collaborated to agree on the purchases of the safest, most technologically advanced equipmentin the county; having patient’s needs at the forefront of decision making challenges. The New Frontier Radiologists share a combined experience level of over 85 years in the making. Dr. Holtan is a generalist who specializes in Women’s Imaging, including Breast MRI as well as is our fulltime interpreting radiologist and medical director. The staff of technologists were hand- picked over a year before opening as they were known to be the best and the brightest at what they do.

New Frontier Imaging has been making a difference in the lives of the residents of Southwest Wyoming. The Radiology specialists have diagnosed new cancers and disease throughout the county and state. NFI brought the First Digital Mammography Unit, the First all Digital Xray Unit, and the First and only Breast MRI in Southwest Wyoming. New Frontier Imaging has a unique approach to healthcare. The staff members are not departmentalized and their commitment to patient care is a choice as much as it is a requirement. Radiology services should be obtainable, affordable, accurate, compassionate, and most of all they should be safe. The equipment shown on the NFI homepage is the actual equipment onsite. The pricelist is always published so patients can be consumers, the Radiologists offer follow up and questions both onsite as well as through the internet. New Frontier Imaging has been used as backup during three separate time periods for Emergency CT Scanning Services when the local hospital’s scanner has gone down. NFI is happy to offer these support services and help the local hospital ensure residents do not travel unnecessarily to neighboring cities for medical care.

At New Frontier Imaging, the dream was and is to make sure patients have the best clinical experience possible. This means at all times they get the best readings, the best service, and the overall best quality examinations. Friends, families, and neighbors can interact with the NFI professionals on a personal level through our facility or through one of our many internet social media sites.

Proper motivation and common focus on patients makes the staff some of the most fulfilled in the state. We are making a big difference in Southwest Wyoming and are proud to be here!

Maria Holtan, CLS(NCA)MBA/MHA
CEO, New Frontier Imaging